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Shaolin kung-fu is a martial art that was born and developed in the Shaolin temple in China's Song Mountain. The discipline started out as a series of meditation and exercise techniques to which fight moves were added so that the monks of the temple would have a chance of defending themselves against the bands of robbers that roamed through the mountains of China.

The first techniques were born through watching and mimicking animals, such as the tiger, crane and monkey, and their movements. When the knowledge of the Shaolin monks' fighting skills was spread, martial artists from all over Asia came to the temple to learn from them. Through the centuries, the Shaolin temple became China's center of martial arts, where warriors had neutral grounds on which to exchange knowledge and skills and develop the art together with the monks.

For every new technique someone sooner or later always evolves an answer, every technique can always be improved and martial arts, just like the artist, is never finished. Kung-fu was born 2500 years ago and is still progressing today. Shaolin kung-fu is an ocean of martial arts in which there is something for everyone, regardless of height, build or sex.

Even though there are many battles in the history of kung-fu, the practitioner really strives to beat himself. Many parts of kung-fu requires much practice and dedication from its practitioner, who has to learn humbleness, determination and patience to get ahead. Apart from the skills, the practitioner must also grow character and as a person in order to overcome challenges.

Different people fall for different areas of kung-fu. For some, the main thing is the learn how to effectively defend oneself, others want to boost their fitness in a versatile way while someone wants to learn expressive and appealing movements. The art has a long history of big events but kung-fu is also a very personal sport. With time, the practitioner develops a personal style that fits the own body and disposition. At the end of the day kung-fu is primarily about expressing yourself honestly, and nothing else.