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Shaolin Kick is a kung-fu school in Ostrobothnia. At the moment, the school arranges indoor training in Vaasa, Seinäjoki, and Mustasaari. The students are men and women of all ages and sizes. The teaching languages are Finnish, English and Swedish. The training style of the school is Shaolin wushu (kung-fu), which originates from the Shaolin Temple in northern China. The head teacher is Amir, who has over 36 years of experince of martial arts. The kung-fu temple in Vaasa serves as the school's permanent home.

The purpose of the kung-fu school is to maintain and teach kung-fu in Finland. The school strives to offer as versatile a tuition in kung-fu as possible. We offer training in acrobatics, muscle strength, stretching, balance, combat, self defence, combat forms and kung-fu weapons. During training the student's individual level is considered and the personal strengths are found. These are then developed and the student is encouraged to exceed him- och herself in addition to finding new sides in oneself.

By participating in the school's camps and courses the student may enhance his or her skills in one or several different areas of kung-fu. We aim to develop every student so that he or she may carry on the knowledge. Mastering kung-fu takes long and versatile practice. The school invests in the teaching by acquiring all sorts of training equipment (e.g. a large set of equipment for training acrobatics) and by offering the possibility to train in different environments, like in the temple and outdoors (e.g. in the sea, forest and park).

Shaolin Kick strives to make kung-fu known in Finland. By request, the school arranges one-day courses, shows and self defence classes. Future plans include expanding our activies and develop the school's kung-fu temple.