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In the association you can practice kung-fu in the following forms:

Shaolin Kung-fu

Chinese martial arts
developed for over 2500 years.

Develop your physical
and mental capacity.
Learn self-defence in
good company!


Fitness Kung-fu

Workout group without
the element of martial arts.

Practice that strengthens
and takes care of your body,
leaving a good feeling
for tomorrow!

Kung-fu Tiger school

Kung-fu group for
children ages 7 to 12.

Beginner’s level in the form
of playful learning for children.
Basic knowledge of kung-fu and
interaction in a safe group.


Come with an open and merry mind. Bring clothing and footwear for indoor training, and a friend, although this is not necessary since we have a strong sense of camaraderie. You may be unfit, ponderous, slow, man or woman, girl or boy, heavy or skinny, weak or strong!

Training always starts at the announced time, so please arrive in due time before (about 15 minutes). This way, you can report your presence and get changed without any stress. During the training, we do not chat idly, so by being on time you’ll have time to get to know your friends. The association usually informs about current happenings before training starts. At that time you can also ask any questions you might have.