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Tiger School starts on Tuesday, September 6th 2016 at 17.15 - 18.20. The last session and an open house for families with children is on week 48, Tuesday November 29th at 17.15 - 18.20.

Address: Lyceum gym, Kirkkokatu 7. See on map.

In Tiger School learns 7-12 year old children the basics of kung-fu through play. The exercises develop kids also socio-emotionally, the practice strengthens the ability to listen and act constructively in a group situation. In kung-fu not just the physical skills but also the mental and social skills are important. It is essential for the student to be able to express and manage their feelings. Tiger School's goal is to create a safe atmosphere in which their own feelings, expression of empathy and the collective rules of the practice do not cause conflicts. The exercises emphasize cooperation and mental barriers are lifted. The focus of Tiger School, besides increasing fitness and skills is also to learn ways for the kids to interact trough trial and error.

Tiger School exercises are done in collaboration. Each student affect the lesson successful outcome. Failures happen, and with them, you learn. The feelings that you can not handle something must be changed to: I can do this! Tiger School strives to be lead in a supportive and warm manner. The vision is a society characterized by solidarity and tolerance among people.

When the practice programs are created the children's wishes are regarded. Individual goals are set for each child. During the exercises the focus is on basic body control and range of motion as well as posture. Targets are set individually for each child, who with a little bit extra help, can reach them.

The physical training level includes for example the tigers own form or movement patterns. An important aim is also strength and agility. During the practice you go through different series of these and the idea is to create a routine out of it. The student easily can see his/her own progress. During lessons, it is important for the students to concentrate on their own performance. In Tiger School, it is also important that students heed their peers and feel as a part of the group. Trough the group, you can see your own personal development.